“We are taking what we learned during the pandemic to look at  service delivery from new angles. We will build on our strengths in making any changes and continue to deliver meaningful impact for Queensland communities.”
Karen Thomas
Queensland State Manager


The teams here in Queensland, like all of us nationally, have had a turbulent and disruptive last six months. Despite the uncertainty, it has been a great year of supporting people right across Queensland.

For consumers and staff, our focus has been on working together to get through the pandemic and maintain a safe and meaningful level of support. Our clinical and residential services worked closely with our Queensland Health colleagues to ensure continuity of service for consumers. Our outreach services found new and innovative ways to keep connected and maintain the relationships that are the foundation of any recovery-based approach.

With a well-established footprint in Northern Queensland, we have strengthened our relationships with local mental health services to deliver the Connect to Wellbeing Service. We spoke with people in the North to understand their needs and connect them to the right support. An evaluation of the program has given us the roadmap for future improvements. Behind the scenes, we also worked with the local support providers to ensure we are true to person-centred practise and deliver services that have a meaningful impact.

Having access to the right support has been a key to the new Living and Learning centre in Strathpine. Using an integrated model of clinical and psychosocial, we have created a welcoming space that helps people access to support ongoing and complex mental health needs. We have partnered with several local service providers to extend our offerings at the centre. We see a big future in providing a diverse range of services from our Living and Learning hubs. It has given us a way to share opportunities for people to try new things to support recovery, that may not have seemed possible before.

We were proud to offer two new specialised community support services in Northern Queensland. We adapted our Collaborative Recovery Model to support people to make changes to match their context. The Women’s Health and Wellbeing Service adapted our service model to approach gender violence and the impacts on mental wellbeing. The Individual Recovery support – Transition from Correctional Facilities Services in Townsville and Cairns, provide wrap-around support to help people transition back into the community upon release from a correctional facility. Both services demonstrated the strength of our ability to tailor support to meet the needs of each person. These new services also build on our presence in northern Queensland.

Our work in psychosocial support continues around Brisbane metro region, and we have sought new opportunities to support NDIS participants through our Me Well service.

With a solid foundation in the South and Northern parts of the State, we are looking to utilise what we learned during the pandemic. We know that means we need to remain flexible and approach  service delivery from new angles. Along with the strong partnerships with our clinical colleagues and funding bodies, we are continuing to build on our strengths, remain person centred  and committed to delivering meaningful impact for local communities in Queensland.

“With a solid foundation in the South and Northern parts of the State, we are looking to utilise what we learned during the pandemic.”